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How much does it cost to replace an old bathtub?

Q. How much would it cost to replace my prewar bathtub without renovating my whole bathroom?

A. It's pretty much impossible to replace a several-hundred-pound ceramic or porcelain or cast iron tub without undertaking at least some renovation too.

It's a mess. It's not just disconnecting a drain. The tubs have to be demolished with a sledgehammer to get them out. You'll have wall damage, floor damage, re-roughing of plumbing.

Then there's the potential risk to other areas of your apartment. You need a lot of protection through the hallways and the elevator if job are in the condo. Imagine big plumbers swinging sledgehammers. They're not ballerinas.

With no unforeseen conditions, it will cost about $5,000-$8,000.

But, every building is different. Sometimes you can't get the new tub into the elevator and you have to hoist it through the window. Sometimes we have take walls or doors down.

The replacement process is so cumbersome - and prewar tubs so durable - that some of clients opt to reglaze them.

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