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Custom irrigation system design and installation

"Mark sprinkler location with flags."
"Valve box."
One more box.
"Impact Sprinkler. Completely adjustable full or part circle."
"Spray Head. Molded, pressure-activated wiper seal stops excessive flow-by and cleans the stem upon completion of watering.Ratchet stem allows quick directional adjustments during watering operation. 3' to 10' radius.""
"Rotor. Adjust easily from 40 to 360. All models are quiet and gear driven, unlike impact heads that continually pulsate loudly to rotate the sprinkler. Professional models offer an even distribution of water through precision-engineered nozzles, available in a variety of sizes, and are easily interchangeable depending on your landscape needs."
"The standard dirty-water screen protects against nozzle clogging and is readily accessible through the top of the sprinkler. 10' to 40' adjustable radius."
"Rain Bird"
Beautifull grass just one month after installation.