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Tree, stump and antenna removal

Trimming project at HW 7 & Bathurst.
Trimming project at Woodbine Mews.
Old antenna in High Park area. Height - 60 feet.
Apple tree after hurricane in Toronto.
Tree trimmed away and stump ready for excavation.
"Stump Grinder"
"After job"
No more stump. Ready to roll grass.
Stumb before. 4 black metal pipes hummered by someone inside the stump.
Holes in stump.
Grinding process.
Job site after. Mix of sawdust and soil. Stump was removed 6" below ground level.
Maple tree at the backyard.
Antenna. Height is 50'-60'.
Stump. No more than 1" from ground. Left by owner request for future removal.
Backyard without tree.
Backyard without antenna.
Lowering flower-bed for future stump excavation.
"Stump before."
"In the progress."
"No Stump After ;)"
We grinded down stump for 10 inches below ground level.
Huge Manitoba Maple. Impossible to take that tree down in one cut. Tree will be removed by small parts and carefully lifted on the ground for future disposal.
"Clean yard"
"Ready to go."
"Just kidding ;-)"
2 dangerous trees in the backyard. One tree pushed the garage, the second tree laid on the next house and pressed on electric and phone wires. Move mouse over the image to take a look at wire angle. After tree removal wires went up by 4 feet
The abundance of wires did not allow to remove a tree entirely. The tree was cut by small parts and cautiously went down on the ground on a rope.
The cut off parts have been cut at length no more than 18 inches and combined in woodpiles.
No wires were cut by us.
Stubs have been cut off as much as possible.
"in progress"
"Stump removal"
"Stump grinder in action"
"No more stumps!!!"
"Clean yard"
"After all"
2 dangerous branches over the house deck were removed.
Location: North York
"50 Years old pine has been blocked all sunlight for the house."
Location: Richmond Hill
"Final cuts."
"Two 'dangerous' century maples were removed to open backyard and bring more light into the house."
Location: High Park
"Just a small piece of that tree."