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Walls and Flooring

Brick cleaning project from ivy.
Siding, fascia, soffits, etc...
Some of our framing jobs.
Leaking ceiling on the main floor under second floor bathroom.
Old stain on the ceiling. 4'x'8 area was removed and replaced later, after solving the problem with bathroom.
"Fireplace before"
"In the process"
Crown molding installed and ready for cocking, priming and painting.
Second floor. Before.
In the progress
New bay window. View from inside the house. New drywall with two coats of drywall compaund.
Ready for final coat and sanding.
New window 4'x4' in the master bedroom. Drywall over insulation and 6 mill vapour barrier.
New window 62"x59" in the master bedroom.
New window 62"x60".
Two new slylight 2'x4' on the west side of the roof.
Job in the progress.
Crown molding.
Shoring at the main floor to support second and third floor of the house. We going to replace load bearing wall and replace it with beam.
Shoring from other side of the future beam. Most walls are significant to a home's structural integrity, and removing one without providing an appropriate substitute is a standing invitation to worry.
"Before". I never saw disasted like that. Whole house seems standing without any support. House shaking from every train or heavy truck passing by.
"After". New beam is in place.
Final touch-up.
Walls might be unwanted for any one of several reasons. For one owner, a room, hallway or closet might comfortably be sacrificed in the quest for an open floor plan. For another, an existing doorway could easily give way to a full-fledged entrance. And should the search for space go beyond the house into a finished garage or porch, a wall will have to be opened somewhere to provide access.
Explaining owner next steps one by one.
"After". Beautiful hardwood.
Job was done in three visits.

First visit: We measured place and made an estimate for materials and labour;

Second visit: We removed old carpet, cleaned floor and started to put laminate floor;

Third visit: Job finished job, cleaned out place and putted furniture back on place.
Old carpet "Old carpet"
Job in progress "Job in progress"
New laminate floor "New laminate floor"
fireplace "Fireplace"
"New framing with insulation and 6 mill barrier."
We also build huge mirror closet.