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List of our plumbing projects includes:
  • Installing or repairing outside faucets
  • Installing or repairing bathroom and kitchen faucets
  • Installing showers
  • Installing dishwasher
  • Installing a Waste Garbage Disposal to Your Sink
  • New sinks
  • Replace water shut off valves
  • Bathtub repair and replacement
  • Installing new toilets
  • New bathrooms in the basement or any other place in the house
  • Relocating existing plumbing and drain
  • Replacing old cast iron pipes
  • Replacing galvanized pipes

    There are three kinds of pipe commonly used to distribute water throughout a home - copper, steel and PEX. PEX tubing is made of high-density polyethylene, which has undergone cross-linking process. PEX is more durable under high temperature conditions, chemical attack, and resists creep deformation. Copper is durable, but more expensive, so until the 1950s, galvanized steel was widely used. Galvanized pipes rust from the inside out, turning the water brown, staining laundry, restricting water flow, and eventually causing pipes to leak.
    Check your home to determine if you have galvanized pipes. It's possible to have a combination of galvanized and copper. Replace any galvanized pipe you find as soon as possible.
    Remember, homeowners living with galvanized pipes are living on borrowed time. Replace them as soon as possible.