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Bathroom and kitchen remodeling

You want to add new bathroom/kitchen or remodel existing one? We will draw a plan for you. Make a sharp estimation for materials and labour. We do all plumbing, framing, ceramic tiles, etc... Just give us a call and one of our friendly professionals will be happy to come to your home and conduct a no-charge onsite inspection.

Normally, all labour and materials are included in the price. The following items are normally included in these types of full bathroom retrofits:

  • We will install plastic and/or cloth sheeting throughout home to protect furniture, carpeting, etc.
  • Demolish entire bathroom down to studs and sub-flooring, if required down to joists.
  • Will do plumbing inspection for all existing, exposed plumbing lines and connection points
  • Install water-resistant drywall throughout tub/shower area
  • Insulate outside wall area
  • Drywall throughout bathroom as required including taping and sanding.
  • Install American Standard or Moen tub/shower
  • Install approved water-saver American Standard or Kohler toilet
  • Install ceramic tile throughout tub area
  • Install ceramic tile on floor
  • Install vanity or pedestal sink
  • Install American Standard or Moen single-lever taps for vanity sink
  • Install American Standard Cadet single-lever taps for tub/shower with temperature, pressure control and anti-scalding feature
  • Install exhaust fan to outside
  • Install standard light fixture
  • Paint full bathroom
  • Install custom glass enclosure made by Conform Glass
  • Install custom mirror or glass shelves made by
  • Daily job site cleanup
All jobs will be done without interruption!
Note: Final pricing will depend upon whether a relocation of plumbing lines is required, condition of wood framing behind old drywall, sub-flooring, etc.

Other Bathroom Services:
  • Fix-up-for-sale packages
  • Change location of plumbing lines and drains
  • Replace drywall and tiling throughout tub & shower area only
  • Re-tile entire bathroom
  • Build separate shower stall in existing bathroom
  • Create or Retrofit Basement Bathrooms

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