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We care! Do you want to change the inside of your home with a great new paint job? Painting is the quickest way to make over your home into a place where you love live. We are way beyond the average paint company. We treat every home as a work of art.

  • We do commercial and residential painting.
  • Condominiums, custom houses, offices, restaurants, apartments – we do it all....
  • Drywall, baseboards, doors, windows and trims.
  • All our workers are well trained and well experienced.
  • We only use premium products (Para Paint or Benjamin Moore).
  • We guarantee that job will be done on time.
  • References available up on request.
  • Free in-house Estimates.

Here is how we work and what we do to give outstanding service, amazing quality and perfect finish.

1. We will help you to choose the right colors for your home/office
This is the most difficult part or our job :)

2. We will help you to choose the right type of paint and colors for your home/office
Latex, or water-based, paints are the most popular choice because they emit fewer fumes, dry quicker, and have an easier cleanup process.

3. We will help you to choose the right finish
Flat, eggshell/satin, semi gloss, high gloss—the right finish is important, especially since most paints come in all four varieties.

4. We will purchase and prepare all the paint you need at once
One coat, two coats or three – we do all calculations and will bring all paint at once to make sure, we have same color throughout.

5. We have the right tools
For most jobs, all we need is a roller, a tray and a few brushes that vary between 2-inch to 4-inches wide for the trim and detail work.

6. We will prepare the surface
The first thing we do - remove everything from the walls. Take down the curtains and remove the switch plates and any pictures or other objects hanging on the walls. Then, cover all surrounding floors, cabinets, and fixtures with drop cloths.
If we are painting a kitchen or walls that have a greasy or dirty build-up or residue, we will clean the walls and trim thoroughly.
We will patch any holes, cracks, or joints with spackling compound. Let it dry and the sand with fine grade sandpaper until smooth.
We sand down all walls to make sure there no old blemishes on the wall.
We will wipe down the trim to assure a clean, dust free surface for the paint.
We will caulk the areas that needed to be caulked (corners, joints, etc.)

7. We will protect the surfaces
We will wrap hardware such as doorknobs, hinges, and pulls in foil to protect them before painting.

8. We will prepare ahead for cleanup
Latex paints will clean up with soap and water.

9. We will prime when need to
Certain situations, like new drywall, covering stains, covering a strong color and changing to a dark color will be greatly helped with a coat of primer before paint. Not every job requires it, but in these special cases it really makes a difference.

10. We are pro in painting
We cut in the room by room and roll after. We are great at cutting ceilings and walls. We cut in with speed and a steady hand, making straight lines every time. A good brush, a steady hand, and a good cut in technique is the best method.
Rollers provide even coverage with little color variation and are much quicker than painting with a brush.
We guarantee that you will be pleased with our work because we treat your home just like it was our home. We love seeing our customers eyes when they see our quality work. We guarantee your satisfaction!

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