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Tree Removal Service

You have a tree on you back yard or front yard and you want to prune it or remove it? That's not a problem! Call us today and job will be done tomorrow. We also removes tree stumps old TV antena.

Our prunning methods are:
Windowing - This method works on a large tree that is blocking a view. By carefully choosing which branches to remove, you can open a window in the tree that gives you a fully framed view. It may take a little more time to plan where to make cuts to afford the best view, but it is a far better solution in the long run. When you window a tree on one side you may need to balance it by removing a branch at a different level on the opposite side, so the tree has a pleasing shape. There is a certain amount of artistic sensibility needed in all pruning.
Skirting is another way to improve a view. This method removes the lower limbs of a tree. As a rule of thumb, don't limb-up more than half the trees height; less if possible. If the tree looks top-heavy after skirting, thin what remains. A tree should look like a tree not a pole with a flag of foliage at the top.
The focus of these techniques is to make the tree become part of the view. A view through trees or between trees is even more interesting than the view without them. But sometimes a tree impacts a view so much that no amount of pruning will help, then it is time to have the offending tree removed. If you are not experienced, you should have an arborist do large tree pruning. Most professionals do not recommend topping.

We Can Remove Any Stump Anywhere.
When safe removal of your tree(s) has been done, we can provide you with our stump grinding service. Our machines systematically reduce stumps to woodchips to a maximum depth of 12" (30cm) below grade. Large, surrounding roots close to the surface can also be cut.
Stump grinding is the environmentally safe way to get rid of unwanted stumps. It is fast, clean and economical. Wood chips (mulch) left from your ground stump can be used in flower beds, landscaping, or compost.
Our stump grinders are self-propelled and able to fit through 36" gates, so we can rid your Front and Back Yard of unwanted stumps. The mulch can be placed under trees and shrubs directly if requested.

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