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You received Fire Inspection Notice of Violation? We know how to deal with it.

Did you have Toronto Fire Inspector complete the inspection and inspector issued / gave you a Notice of Violation? We can take care about it!!!

Its impossible to negotiate with inspector. In case of delay they will send papers to court and you will be looking at up to $50,000 or imprisonment.

The violations might include:
  • Lack of fire separation between floors like unfinished ceiling in furnace room - wood floor and wood joists above. Vertical fire separation.
  • Missing fire rated door and/or self closing mechanism / closures
  • Missing exit signs
  • Missing emergency lighting
  • Missing fire alarm or carbon monoxide
  • Need of fire rated window
  • Need of fire rated stutters
  • Need of fire rated foam or caulking
  • Missing sprinkler
  • Fire rated drywall for unit separation
  • Missing glass screens
  • Need of interconnected fire alarms
  • Need to relocate pipes or wires
Inspector will explain what should be done. Every inspector is different and will give suggestion, what is the best way to resolve the issue. You do not want to piss off or get in a yelling match with city officials or inspectors. Get on their good side and they will offer as much advice to you when you truly need it.

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